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Let us help you with your speeding ticket in Seattle and the Puget Sound Area

Choosing the right legal representation isn't always easy. Luckily, Donaldson & Knigge, LLC is here to guarantee the peace of mind you deserve. With thousands of successful cases tried, we're happy to help you fight back against speeding tickets, accidents, and more.

 Skeptical? See what our happy clients have to say!


"Thank you so much Lisa! This was great news! I so appreciate your help on this and I am so happy to have this off my permanent record. Thank you again for your work on this!
– Katie
"That is great news! Thank you, Lisa. P.S. I have already recommended you to a friend.
– Scott

"I told my mom that you were able to get the citation dismissed. She is very happy and relieved. Thank you so much.
– Richard

"Thank you very much Lisa, I always talk about you to everyone I know!
– J

"Thank you!
– Mohamed

"Hi Lisa, thank you very much! I am very pleased and will think of you when I need traffic violation help. I will recommend you to any of my friends with that regards.
– Kazuko

"Thank you Lisa. You’re the best!
– Marko

"Lisa, Thank you again so much! You are awesome and I already plugged you on my facebook account in case anyone has a need. Thanks again!
– Domenic

"Thanks again, Lisa. Whenever I hear of someone getting a citation I highly
recommend you. I’ll keep spreading the word. Thank you!
– Dirk

"Thank you so much. Thank you for protecting my record. You are the best lawyer in Washington.
– Arshdeep

"Thank you very much for helping Ryan get his citation dismissed. We were all so happy to hear the great news! We will check Ryan's record in 30 days to verify that the citation does not appear on his driving record. Thank you once again!
– Larry

"Excellent! Was able to get my ticket reduced to a lesser offense which in turn, wasn't sent to my insurance company. Helped a bunch. Will recommend.
– Brent

"Excellent person to work with! Lisa was referred to me by a friend who had a negligent driving ticket taken off his record. Three years later I managed to get a very similar ticket and Lisa got it off my record for less than the price of the ticket. I never had to show up in court or mail any papers (except for my ticket, I think). Overall, I think she is by far a lot more professional than other lawyers I have talked to, and it goes a long way when you don't quite know what you're doing. I recommend Lisa to everyone I know now."

"Great attorney! Always available and extremely helpful! Lisa is such a nice person and a great attorney! She is definitely trustworthy and is very responsive. She always kept me informed, step by step, through my process. I have received three tickets (2 for speeding and 1 for driving in carpool lane with only one occupant…me) and she has got all of them dismissed. I refer Lisa to anyone I come into contact with that needs help with infractions. I believe Lisa is the best attorney in Seattle and would never hire anyone else. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and diligent and I truly appreciate her services." 
– LM

"Lisa, you are awesome!!!! Thank you so much! You turned a stressful situation into a stress free one! Hooray!
– Sandy

"Worth Every Penny! I was cited for speeding and immediately began reading reviews and comparing traffic lawyers in the Seattle area, ultimately deciding to hire Lisa Donaldson. I couldn't be happier with the decision, as my ticket was dismissed. The whole process was very easy, I did not even need to attend the hearing. I was kept well informed throughout the process and all my questions and concerns were responded to promptly.
– Mike

"She has done excellent work in getting our traffic citations thrown out or reduced. I would highly recommend her.
– Scott

"Best Traffic Lawyer Ever! I have been pulled over 3 times and received 4 tickets in the past year and a half for speeding, driving with others in the car before my first 6 months were up, and rolling through a stop sign twice. I was only 16 at the time of receiving most of these tickets, and every single time, she has been able to get them dismissed! She obviously knows her stuff! Its great knowing that there is someone you can rely on when something unfortunate like this happens. She is absolutely the best decision i have ever made when it comes to these matters. Invest in her and you wont be sorry. She is excellent! Thanks Lisa.
– ST

"COMPLETELY WORTH THE MONEY Let me just say, Lisa gets it done. A few years ago, I got a ticket for speeding. My friend recommended a lawyer to call. I called him to find out he couldn't help me because he didn't want to work in Snohomish county. He referred Lisa to me. I called her, hired her, and she got it dismissed. Perfect result as far as I was concerned. A year later, I bought a new car that loved to go fast. I got 6 tickets for speeding with-in 1 year. Lisa got them all dismissed. I just got another ticket today (few years later) and I'm going to send her another check. Im 100% satisfied with the results she has provided me with. Yes, its unfortunate to get a ticket, (don't recommend it), but I think its a good feeling knowing that all you have to do is send off a check to her and she gets it DISMISSED. She definitely is on my Xmas card list. Hire her, you wont be disappointed.
- Mark

"Handled two tickets – great results! I received two speeding tickets in a matter of a couple of months. One speeding ticket was written for 5 miles over the speed limit (65 in a 60 on the freeway – going south through Tacoma). I don't know how fast I was going other than I was going the same speed as everyone around me (in the middle of a pack), but I was the lucky one that got tagged. Lisa got the ticket dropped. Thanks!"

"The second ticket was for 20 over the speed limit on an arterial street in Snohomish. I was going down a hill, and I just wasn't paying attention to my speed. I had to take the officer's word regarding my speed, but I'm sure I was over the speed limit. Lisa had this reduced to a non-traffic ticket, and specifically for "expired tabs". I didn't have expired tabs, but I prefer that as the result rather than a "serious traffic violation" that could impact my insurance coverage. Thanks again, Lisa!"

"I would definitely use Lisa again (but I hope not to), and I would not hesitate to refer any friends/family to her. I have pre-paid legal coverage through my work (unfortunately Lisa does not come up as a referral), and I called about 5 different attorneys. I only had one call returned, and that attorney didn't seem to know what she could do for me (this is for the 5 mph over ticket)."

"Amazing! I used Lisa and wow! Her staff were kind, caring, responsive and sweet, just like she seems to be! My case was dismissed, she gave me a deal and was an all around good person. She is genuine and knowledgeable! I have used other attorneys in the past and had disappointing results. I know now to stick with Lisa! She is a diamond in the rough! THANK YOU, LISA!"

"Lisa gets excellent results. I've had Lisa represent me twice in the past two years (both times for speeding tixs). Both times she completely handled the situation. I didn't have to take time off of work to go to court or anything. And both times the tickets were dismissed. Bottom line Lisa gets the job done. Excellent results."

"Best traffic lawyer Lisa was exceptionally effective and took charge of my case and kept me informed. She took care of all the details and took care of my traffic citation, trouble free. I wholeheartedly recommend this person.
– H

"Fortunately, I do not get into scrapes with the Highway Patrol very often. However, recently I got a traffic violation that had a large fine. I strongly felt that it was unfair and unwarranted. Lisa was recommended by an old friend and I asked her to represent me in traffic court. I found her very professional, knowledgeable, of very high integrity, and totally on top of the situation. We prevailed in the case and the traffic violation was waived. I would most highly recommend her without reservation to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation. You will be in the best of hands."

"Lisa was very professional. The moment I contacted her she told me what to do. From there on out she sent me a letter describing everything that I needed to do and what she will do. There was no gray area. From there on out she took care of my traffic ticket. Lisa ended up getting my speeding ticket dismissed so I would HIGHLY recommend her. She's a very thorough and genuine person and I will most definitely go to her if I get anymore tickets."

"Lisa is a very great lawyer who can do magic! She got a closed traffic case re-opened and got the judge to change the ruling in my favor….after I had already paid the ticket! She is great and she single handedly got my license back for me. I recommend her to all who are unsure. Her fees are very minimal and she is an 11/10!
– Bryon
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