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Say goodbye to traffic ticket hassles!

We defend you in traffic ticket cases throughout Seattle and the 
Puget Sound Area.

Even the most careful drivers make mistakes from time to time. When you find yourself being pulled over, with police car lights flashing and the siren blaring, you may find yourself gripped with fear.

When you get a ticket, you don't need to be afraid! Instead, you need to call Donaldson & Knigge, LLC. Our team of experienced traffic attorneys has been defending traffic ticket cases and protecting records for decades, providing the solutions 
you – and your wallet! – need most.

We charge $295 for traffic tickets with a single charge, $50.00 for additional violations and $435 for negligent driving 2nd degree.
We offer student discounts and military discounts
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Dedicated attorneys

Tickets can happen to anyone. When you're facing a big fine, when a ticket you feel is unjust, or when you simply want to protect your driving record, the right attorney can make all the difference. Donaldson & Knigge, LLC has been practicing in the greater metro area for over twenty years. We know all of the ins and outs, providing you with a great experience from start to finish. 
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Extensive experience

Did you know you don't always have to pay a traffic ticket or speeding ticket? If you feel that your ticket was not fair or misrepresented the situation, you can fight back! 

When you want to fight a ticket, Donaldson & Knigge, LLC is here for you. 

We've been providing legal assistance to clients across the Puget Sound region for decades, so you can trust that your case will be handled with the knowledge and experience it deserves.
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Customized assistance

Every traffic ticket is different. When you're looking for a better way to approach a traffic violation, the attorneys at Donaldson & Knigge, LLC are prepared to build a case around your specific circumstance. Our defense will be customized to your needs, taking into account everything from driving history to the details of your case and relevant case law to make every effort to protect you and your driving record.

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